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I know the challenges facing a non-profit first hand. While my day job is manufacturing corporate awards and gifts, I also help run the Jack & Abby Foundation that my wife and I began in honor of our twins. Like many charities, we started with a 5k race to raise funds. It didn't take long to realize how much sweat equity a small event like that took. In order to save money where we could, I donated all of the race/course signage, awards, medals and bags that were needed.

We raised a modest $7,000 after expenses that first race. It struck me that I had saved the foundation almost $2,000. Without donating what I did, we would have had 30% less funds to give to our partner hospital. After seeing how much money I was able to save our small charity, it occurred to me how much I could save other charities and non-profits by selling at cost. With that realization I created Charity Warehouse.

I truly want to help others reduce their costs so that they will have more resources for their own needs. As long as I can save you money, time or aggravation, I would love for you to partner with us.

Regards, Karl Smith