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Recent Work


We provide many of the items that non-profits use to recognize their membership and reward their donors. This ranges from awards such as plaques, paperweights, and medals to fine art prints, sculptures and Christmas ornaments. We work with all shapes and sizes of organizations. From the single person local non-profit that needs a handful of awards to associations with millions of members that need inventory and shipping fulfillment services.

We are a true manufacturer with everything from laser cutters and machining centers to wide format printers and a frame shop.

How We Do It

The idea behind Charity Warehouse came from altruism but it works because it helps you and us. Our prices are just above cost, but only to non-profits. Our goal is to break even after the costs of production and overhead.

There are a number of reasons why we are able to do this:

  1. We already have the facilities, people and materials in place.
  2. When we have seasonal dips in our core business, this work keeps our people busy.
  3. By having a larger volume, our for-profit business can reduce its costs thereby improving profitability.